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Most learning and development tools simply don't last. Soqqle is different. Plug in a seamless environment customized with gamification that keeps your audience engaged.

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Open up a world of content that your audience will want to jump into and get motivated to pursue it themselves


Today's communities yearn for purpose and motivation. Plug into our ecosystem for a journey of discovery, rewards and glory. Showcase your tools unlike any way you've ever had before

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Soqqle Digispace

A unique digital space for people to come together and engage with others with common interests. This world is in a virtual environment where there are no real boundaries.

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The ultimate goal is to create a single synergy amongst all. The Eco-System Digispace uses technology to enhance community collaboration between friends, trends and brands. It’s real life, made more real.


Have a special goal in mind for your community? A superior, robust design drives engagement and usage of the platform. Now you can add learning objectives or challenges for your audience even quicker.

All in one pedagogy

As markets keep moving, so do trends. Our platform is all you need in one place for progressive, adaptive, gamification, and more. Just plug in. We’ll take care of the rest!

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Open ended Quizzes

Boring quizzes? No thanks. Populate fun quizzes, linking them to stories to increase engagement. A superior tool you'll love.

Two play open ended quizzes

Help your community to engage with each other by encouraging multiplayer tasks. Two players come together to complete interesting story-based open ended quizzes.

Multiple Choice Question

Want to create a test for your followers and reward right answers? Set progressive goals so your audience will want to grow and learn.

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Future Proof

Sometimes a piece of paper or diploma isn’t enough. Digispace pushes the boundary by creating new ways unlock achievements for intrinsic qualities. Helpful? Kind? Collaborative? That's what we encourage.


Digispace creates meaning in everyday tasks by linking cool brands and people together. This is done with activities, tasks and topics powered with Blockchain. Users unlock special in-platform benefits using Soqqle sparks, earned by completing tasks. Users quickly learn everyday is important and meaningful to their life's goals.

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John Lee

I've never heard of or tried such a revolutionary game system. Its refreshing and gives me a new way of engaging friend

Jeffrey Tan

The heroes are so cool, its quite interesting to trigger tasks related to these heroes

Angelina Loh

I'm a major learner in my life, and i think this could help me push it into the right direction. It's fun!

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